LED Retrofit


Outfit your business for the future! If you’re looking to save money, move to more efficient sign maintenance, and prepare your signs for the long haul, LED retrofitting provides a perfect solution. Powered by just 12 volts, LED (light emitting diodes) lighting provides an estimated energy savings of up to 80 percent. We can take your existing sign and replace the interior lighting structure with cost-efficient and environmentally friendly LEDs. While there is an upfront cost to this internal replacement, the long term energy and maintenance savings are exponential – on average, LEDs have a life span of 25,000 to 50,000 hours. Lowered maintenance needs also mean a savings in a business’s operational costs.

While channel letter signs are the most frequent candidate for LED retrofitting, the practice can also be applied to parking lights, canopy lighting and cabinet signs. We are experts in rebate and incentive programs in your area through your local utility.  Contact Ian or Janet at (877) 586-1321 or email service@schlossersigns.com for details.

Sign with neon prior to retro-fit.
Sign with LED after retro-fit.
Sign lighted with LED after retro-fit.


Thanks for the opportunity to provide a note regarding our experiences with Schlosser Signs of  Loveland, CO.  Our dealings with this company have been nothing but the greatest.  They have provided services for our five northern Colorado restaurants in a very professional, always timely, and always fair manner.  They are a business that is a pleasure to deal with and would highly recommend them.

– Eric Spanier, Managing Member

Honda of Greeley

We are very pleased with Ian and Schlosser Signs. The customer service received was excellent, any issues we had were quickly resolved. We would recommend this company and service to other businesses. We are including copies of our Xcel Energy bills before and after we changed the lighting, the savings is substantial. Feel free to call me with any questions.

– Joan Dietrich, Controller